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Your route to higher acceptance rates

Our new, innovative and unique AcceptPlus technology will significantly increase the number of your customers accepted for point-of-sale finance. For you this means even more sales, happier customers and greater market share. What's more it's really easy to get set up and it's still a quick and paperless process for consumers.

We're the only point-of-sale finance provider to give you this advantage. Uniquely, our panel of lenders and smart AcceptPlus technology lets us automatically match consumers with the best lender and best loan offer for them. Without AcceptPlus, customers are limited to the policies of just one lender and if they don't meet their criteria they would be declined.

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The Benefits

Increase sales

Even more customers accepted for finance, a 20% reduction in declined applications, fewer lost sales, increased revenue and higher average order value.

Improve customer experience

Customers receive a loan decision in around 4 seconds, but AcceptPlus means even more of them convert to sales.

Easy to do

Our smart technology does the hard work so all you need to do is sign up and everything happens seamlessly in the background.

No extra cost

AcceptPlus is just part of our smart technology platform and doesn't cost you any extra.

About AcceptPlus

Our panel of lenders each have their own, unique lending criteria which determines who they accept for credit. Each lender has different polices and prefers different types of customer. One lender's declined customer could be exactly what another lender is looking for.

Our smart AcceptPlus technology allows declined credit applications to be offered to other lenders on our panel. This means applications not accepted for the initial loan offer can still be offered credit at either a different tier or by a different lender.

AcceptPlus increases the chance of the consumer getting accepted for finance by:

  • Offering a range of tiered finance options with each lender
  • Offering the application to multiple lenders

This means there's a much higher likelihood of the customer being accepted for finance. This results in more customers being accepted for finance, more sales for you, great customer experience and ultimately more revenue.

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