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Huge benefits to merchants including:

Increase revenue Offering finance significantly boosts sales and increases average order values. Our innovative technology guarantees the highest acceptance rates and it's good for cash flow too.
Improve customer experience Customers can choose to pay now or later. Online or mobile, in-store or phone - the fully automated process is just as easy with a loan decision in seconds.
Easy to do Simple to integrate with existing sales channels, you can be up and running in no time. We provide dedicated set-up support and tools to show customers their options and repayments.
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"Our average order value has increased by 40% for finance orders. For large and possibly one-off purchases such as furniture, sometimes customers need the reassurance that they can afford their purchases and the credit option provided by Pay4later gives them the confidence they need."

Independent panel of lenders

We work with seven of the UK's leading lenders. We'll carefully choose the right one for you to ensure your customers get the best deals and highest acceptance rates.


Our smart, innovative technology does something no other retail finance provider can do. We offer each credit application to multiple lenders to guarantee higher acceptance rates. More customers are accepted for finance, including around 20% of previously declined applications.

Smart reporting

Behind the scenes is BackOffice. Your window to a wealth of live information about all your customers financing applications and everything you need to keep your solution ticking over. You can report across each stage of the process and access training modules and resources.

Shadow limits

Our Shadow Limit feature is a fantastic up-sell tool that works to maximise your average order values. Suitable applicants are instantly offered a higher borrowing limit once approved for finance, allowing your customers to buy what they really want.

Quick and easy for customers

The clear, simple credit application screens make it a breeze for consumers to apply for finance. Loan decisions take just four seconds and the whole process can be completed online as part of the sale.

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